The medical bills are adding up as well as the costs to get to and from the hospital where Sam is receiving treatment, so let's all come together and help lift this burden as much as we can, so she can focus on fighting and recovering. Another large cost she has incurred was fertility, they were able to harvest, extract, and freeze 17 eggs, however insurance doesn't cover any of the cost. 

You can donate here: 

Any amount is truly helpful!!!
Thank you!

There will also be ongoing fundraisers listed here as well. 


Scentsy Fundraiser
Melissa Vanderkooy and Nikki Paino want to help raise money for Sam so they have opened a fundraiser for her. 100% of their commission from this fundraiser will go straight to Sam. You have three different products to choose from within the Scentsy Family - Scensty, Velata, and Grace Adele. Simply just click on one of the websites listed below and click on "Buy from Party" next to Sam's name. 


  1. If we would like to contribute, but don't have a pay pal option, is there somewhere we could just mail a check? Or is there an address we can mail cards? Thanks -

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  3. Can this address be used for deliveries as well?:)

  4. Samantha Cosentino
    973 East Ave, STE M
    Chico, CA 95926