Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reason for this Blog

This blog was created to support Samantha in her fight against breast cancer. In the following months she will need all the love and encouragement she can get. This blog will be a great way for her to share updates with us, and create a positive uplifting environment to share stories and memories. We encourage visitors to send the link of her carepage site to anyone who knows her so that they can join in the fight against breast cancer too. Another great aspect of this blog is that Sam can maintain her day-to-day life as much as possible and not have to talk about cancer with everyone she runs into.
One of the most important messages Sam has expressed is that she wants to spread the knowledge that breast cancer can affect young women too, and that it’s becoming more apparent.
Her strength and courage has been without fail and is awe-inspiring. There is no doubt that youth and physical strength is on her side. Plus with all of us, and her friends and family behind her she will beat this.
<3 Friends of Sam

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